Mar. 21st, 2017

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 Hope Feilds Island is a small summer island far from any major log pose. It's main function for the World Government is the housing and training of accepted orphans for elite military programs, and each child has to prove themselves in a battery of tests to even get there. Those that survive to graduation are fully indoctrinated Cypher Pol agents.

Leon Liore was in the same 'class' as Kalifa, Rob Lucci, Kumadori, and the other CP9 agents. Unlike them however, he failed in one key area that no amount of training could overcome. With puberty, came the sickly-sweet scent of an un-bonded Omega.

“Obviously you can't remain here, you'll be a distraction to the rest of the recruits. Don't worry though, there's a facility for people like you as well, you'll have your own training and programs to try for.”

As children, mostly orphaned by pirates and desperate for a better future, they all chose to believe in the quick, casual lies. Before, Leon had been the one who always cheered them up. He was the bright, smiling optimist unafraid to call Kalifa pretty, or tease Lucci to try smiling, or to give Jabra a consoling shoulder to cry on when the next girl didn't want to be friends.

They all chose to believe that they'd meet up again after graduation, in one way or another.

Sommerset Island was a winter Island, clear across the Blue, and only one log pose ever reached it. The Omegas who were shepherded into the laboratory facility were given numbers instead of names, rounds of suppressants and neuro-stimulators, and put into a singular program called 'Betterment'. Some broke in weeks, but subject 104472-LL lasted years. He made friends with everyone, smiled and laughed even when he cried, and never gave up telling stories of how things were going to get 'better'. Gradually he lost his memories, he forgot his name, his past, everything except hope and how to smile.

When Kaku and Kalifa finally discovered where their missing friend was 'stationed', the person they 'requisitioned' was no longer the Leon they knew. He'd been rolled so deep Under he was like a pliable doll. One that responded only to an Alpha's push, and set command lines. When he finally surfaced, everything that occurred when he was Under was lost to his memory. A self wiping assassination machine. Incredibly useful to CP and the military.

CP9 was divided. While they agreed they couldn't allow Leon back into 'circulation' between agencies, actually keeping him in their division and caring for him themselves interfered with their own efficiency. Before a consensus was reached, Spandam brought them a long-term undercover operation to infiltrate a shipyard in search of the plans for the Pluto.

Officially they listed Leon as 'undercover' and gave him strict orders to stay in the bustling Marine port, setting him up as a janitor as his cover. It wouldn't be until almost a year into their mission they would receive word through the post that Fire Fist Ace had attacked the port, burning every ship to the waterline and killing an untold number of Marines. Leon was not among the survivors, and sorting through the wreckage left too many unidentified to be certain...

That day a World Government Bounty became something personal to CP9.  


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