Oct. 10th, 2015

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 The hospital in Konoha is not that different from the hospital in central, for all it's *larger* with it's own library and a wing dedicated to 'bloodline issues'. Zhu settles into a routine of studying, aiding the various 'medi-nin' in their tasks, giving demonstrations of her medical alchemy, and training with Alex. She eats at the shinobi equivalent of the mess-hall and sleeps in her appointed 'ambassador' suite. 

Alex is the diplomat, and she leaves it to him. She is here because their leader is a doctor, and medicine is something their countries have agreed to share. She bites her tongue when she has to, but her feelings for Konoha are plain. That they seem no more inclined to like *her* is only bothersome to Alex. Zhu has spent her whole life (that she can recall) ignoring the looks and voices of people she loathed. She is not *expendable*. She is an asset too important to *dismiss*. 

Killers are easy to come by. Skilled healers *willing* to piece you back together are decidedly not. 

She does not mind sharing her knowledge, so long as the exchange is mutual. She's a doctor, medicine is meant to be *shared* and *used*. They have left their libraries open to her and she spends as many hours transcribing and memorizing as she can afford. She's an alchemist, long hours of intense study are nothing *new* to her. Alex often comes to collect her for meals and spars to 'shake the dust off'. He sets up the telephone and the mail carriage. 

She doesn't like to admit it but if this year is going to be fruitful in an alliance, it's almost entirely on his broad shoulders. 

Everywhere she looks, there are children who look like Alphonse and Edward or younger being encouraged to kill. They learn poisons, chi strikes, how to break bones and 'complete the mission' before they learn anything like human empathy, nursery rhymes and times tables. 

Konoha is a land she would like to see *burn*. If Roy succeeds in making an 'alliance' here, she may well never speak to the man again. 

Sasuke hates when his teacher drags him out for 'practical demonstrations'. He hates more when he *fails* these demonstrations which means he tries extra hard to pass and be perfect and yet... It's when he tries his hardest to be perfect he usually ends up sending the man into the medical ward. 

Today he was showing how he figured out how to counteract the Water of Life... only he hadn't tested the counter-agent fully, only on the original sample Sakura gave him and assumed it successful. Then when he tried to show off his progress by using the counteragent on the vial that his teacher had made the man went into cardiac arrest. He'd jutsu'd straight to Kakashi sensei who had justu'd to the Hokage and from there everything was a series of doors and excuses for why he couldn't be allowed to know what was going on.

Sasuke was sure he had the compound correct, he'd tested five on the small sample Sakura had given him, and he *knew* his seals were correct. That meant that either his proportions were off, he'd miscalculated something intrinsic to the creation process or there was an elemental *difference* between the Water of Life his teacher had made and the potion Sakura had provided. 

He really, really didn't want to believe the last one, because that meant that not only had *Sakura* misled them into creating a forbidden medicine, but that Priest-san had risked his *life* teaching them a forbidden art that was patently *worthless* in the long run because Sasuke couldn't undo it! Well he could undo one but not the other!

Rubbing at his temples he kept one ear tuned to the upstairs in case Priest-san woke up early. He'd be very surprised given the man's chakra drain. Surprised, not *concerned*, even though the man was by profession *not* a shinobi and therefor *not* expected to throw his life away on a moment's notice for Hokage and village. 

Sasuke knew why he was assigned a mere civilian priest when both of his team mates were sent to the Sannin. It wasn't just that he was a variable they couldn't calculate, there was no one they could *admit* to having the knowledge to teach him. He was too valuable to throw away but not so threatening they had to tell even a good *portion* of the truth to. 

It was one of the few things he appreciated about the damned priest. The man had no concept how slippery and treacherous the word of shinobo could be and so honestly tried to teach Sasuke everything he could, and hen pointed to the things Sasuke could teach himself. Liam oly wanted him to live a long and *happy* life. 

Even his parents hadn't bothered putting to words that kind of thing.


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